!! Getting to Nassau County is easy !!

when you are riding in a red Toyota Celica convertible driven by an awesome old German lady (even if you are in the backseat where no one is supposed to sit). Since the Queens County Democratic Organization endorsed Howard Dean last week, they claim to have the whole borough covered for petitioning, which hopefully is true. What that means for those of us who volunteer is that we get to drive far out on Long Island and try to wring some signatures out of people who fly American flags outside of doors they won’t answer. It was

a slow day, but I got over my initial fear, sort of like when I made my first few calls to alumni from my college asking them for money. It seems incredibly obnoxious and embarassing at first, but it feels like my god-given right after an hour or two.
My petitioning buddies, Mike (a veteran petitioner) and Anje (the German lady) were good company and we plowed through our list with aplomb and a little frustration. I’m wondering if the campaign will actually be able to collect the 1000 signatures necessary to get Dean on the ballot in District 4 or whatever district it was we were working today. Maybe it was just Thanksgiving weekend and no one was home, or maybe everyone in Nassau County lives in too much fear to come to the door. I don’t know, but I feel good about the day even if I’m exhausted and I only got nine signatures.
On a different note, last night I experienced something that I probably should have experienced my freshman year of college, but it kind of slipped through the cracks of my walking up and down St. Mark’s Place weekends. The thing is: Bubble Tea. OMG, it is so delicious I drank three of them. What it is: green or black tea with some kind of flavoring (fruit, nut, and various other flavors), served hot or cold, with a bunch of little, black, squishy balls made out of tapioca at the bottom. The word tapioca undoubtedly conjures a different disgusting image for everyone, but they’re really just like gummy bears. So I had an apple one, a lychee one, and a honey melon one while I played Chinese Checkers at Jenny’s Cafe (#113) with my friend Laura. I then stayed up till 4:30am not sleeping because of the caffeine, but when I did sleep, I dreamt of tapioca for the first time in my life.

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