!! Glory to the newborn king! !!

As disconcerting as you may have found my recent absence, I hope you’ll find a little Christmas generosity in your hearts and cut me some slack. I’ve now been at home in New Hampshire (soon to be Vermont again because my dad is moving back to the good side of the river) for almost a week now, and even though I’ve had dialup Internet access, I’ve been reluctant to post anything because it could have been about any number of important things or not important things and I’ve been confused and in a frenzy. I guess I’m just making excuses now, but I promise that I will soon talk about something wonderful that I saw in the last week. It might be a musical, it might be LOTR, it might be freshfallen snow, but for now I’m going to talk about Scare Tactics.

The premise is that someone is set up in some fake scary situation by their friend/lover/husband and then told it’s fake, basically like scary Candid Camera. Hosted by Shannen Doherty, I found myself anticipating each segment with longing even if some of the setups were kind of dumb. She changed from sassy outfit to sassier outfit in each episode, and she even had bitchy comments to add after the scenes were over. For example: “All I know about a guy who is afraid of aliens is that I wouldn’t date him. Sorry Doug!” Ouch.

Anyway, among the highlights were “Deadly Hicks,” “Chainsaw Gang,” and “Beastly Burden” (about a giant killer cat). Among the reactions were “Dude, you are such an asshole,” “Oh my god, you are not getting laid tonight, you asshole,” and “Oh my god, I could kill you, you f*cking asshole.” It’s a great show with fascinating targets. Coming up in the spring is Sci-Fi’s new reality show called Mad Mad House, which throws some normal people together with a Wiccan, a Vampire, a Naturist, a Voodoo Priestess, and a Modern Primitive (whatever that is) and waits for them to totally freak out! It should also be excellent and will be covered here at !! omg blog !!.

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  1. oh yes , livingstone i presume?

  2. A modern primitive is a person who enjoys covering themselves in tattoos and brandings and piercings and perhaps hangs by big hooks through their balls on occasion. Sounds like fascinating tv.

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