!! Grandma Extravaganza: Part I !!

occurred on Tuesday evening. My Grandma and Wendell (her husband) came all the way up from Florida to see The Producers with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. We went for dinner at Le Cirque beforehand where I had some delicious halibut with little phyllo envelopes filled with scallops and porcini mushrooms, all in a black truffle sauce. Mmm… Unfortunately, due to some minor retardation on my part, we missed the first act of the play because curtain was at 7pm (I guess the show was extra long or something). I had never heard of a show starting at 7pm and I had the tickets held at the box office so I didn’t get to see the time printed anywhere. We saw the last two hours of the show, and it was kind of dirty! They kept

making overt boner references that made me a little uncomfortable while sitting next to my grandma. Also there were a lot of played-out gay jokes that made everyone in the QEFTST-watching audience laugh uproariously. He’s wearing purple tights, has a huge package, and keeps twirling around in the air with limps wrists! Hilarious!
When we left the theater, extreme winter weather had descended upon the city, meaning that it was absolutely necessary that I have extreme fun. Fortunately my new Canadian friend Cameron was in town for the night and intent on having a wicked night out in fabulous NYC. We met up with a couple other gays and went to like eight bars in the east village, trudging through snowdrifts in our fancy shoes. I would have invited my grandma out too, but she seemed bushed from her flight earlier.
Grandma Extravaganza: Part II is coming up in a couple weeks when I go with her and Wendell to beautiful Idaho for western skiing! It will be the only skiing I do this year and I’m going to make it count. I will hopefully have my laptop so I can keep everyone up-to-date on the exciting things that happen with me among a horde of senior citizens (more on that later).

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