!! Gratuitous link to unreleased Madonna song !!

madonnaconfessions (12k image)A boring remix of Madonna’s yet-to-be-released cover of ABBA’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)” (aka her new single “Hung Up”) is now available for download on the Internet. (via Dlisted)
Recently, Norwegian DJ/pop star/awkward performer Annie set a new melody to the backing track of Madonna’s “Everybody” for her song “Greatest Hit,” and now Madonna has followed her lead in swiping something catchy from her own pop predecessors. There is no vocal track in this remix, so we don’t yet know if Madonna’s new melody is as uninsipiring as Annie’s attempt, but based on the whole lotta nothing that Madonna has put out since her “Ray of Light” record, I probably won’t ever hear it, unless it’s leaked onto the Internet and I think that linking to it could somehow get me some more blog traffic from random gays.
Really, trying to improve upon ABBA is just arrogant.

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3 Comments on "Gratuitous link to unreleased Madonna song"

  1. seriously does anybody really give a fig about Madonna anymore? She seems so irrelevant…

  2. Its like a virgin getting touched the first time right?…..

  3. I guess you could dance to it! Maybe it’s best she doesn’t really sing in the song. Did you hear her sing @ Live 8?

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