!! He had no right! !!

Howard Dean has a new book coming out on Monday. It’s called “You Have the Power,” after one of his most popular campaign slogans, and describes what’s wrong with the Democratic Party, what the country needs to do to right itself, blah blah. One interesting tidbit, based on what seems like questionable evidence, mentions how Bill Clinton was making phone calls to key Democrats before the Iowa caucuses, convincing them to vote for Wesley Clark instead of Howard Dean by telling them Howard Dean “forfeited his right to run for president” because he had signed the Civil Unions Bill in Vermont. It sounds to me like Bill Clinton forfeited Howard Dean’s right to run for president, or rather vetoed it. Whatever though, I don’t want to be like those blogforamerica comment people that are going to vote for Nader out of spite or write Dean’s name in on Election Day. So, I’ll just say that I think Clinton phrased it badly. Dean had not only a right to run, but a higher purpose than the other candidates as a forward-thinking champion of civil rights (even if he had no other choice than to become one). What’s true is that his chances were slim. I don’t regret being a part of the magic, even if it was destined to fail.

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