!! Horsetacular! !!

symphonyofhorses (58k image)
(Photo: Ocala.com)
I just got in last night from Florida and I’ve brought back a present for you all! While waiting for my grandma in the lobby of the Ocala Hilton, I saw a video that is every horse girl‘s wet dream. I thought at first it was a video of Medieval Times when I saw bejewelled horses prancing around with humans in period costumes. But no, it was the Symphony of Horses! The event happens annually and benefits the Marion County Therapeutic Riding Association. Humans dance with horses, horses dance with humans, and velour abounds. You can even buy it on DVD!
Participating in last year’s Symphony was an organization called “The Equus Projects,” which, according to their website, is an ongoing “investigation of the equine/human choreographic possibilities.” See some of the (hilarious) possibilities for yourself after the jump!

(Photos: The Equus Projects)

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