!! How very wild and crazy !!

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be. I meant to post this the other day when I first heard about it, but you know. Arnold did an interview for Oui magazine (a slutty Playboy offshoot) in 1977 and talked about sorts of things, from gangbanging a black girl to smoking hash. I wonder what sort of scandal this will spark, if any. After all, he was just having a good time, not defiling American values. I mean geez, he’s not even American! I’m sure since his marriage to Maria, Arnold has totally learned to respect women (or chicks, as he calls them) and tone down his madcap lifestyle. I guess we’ll see, and if he becomes Governor Arnold, all Californians will benefit from his campaign to legalize pot and make English the official language of the US. At least he has the white, stoner, Republican vote.

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  1. are people going to assume things if i say that i think the whole case against arnold’s member is overstated? it didn’t look all that small to me. i mean, it was flaccid! this has nothing at all to do with my own penis, which is, of course, enormous.

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