!! HPV vaccine to be available next year !!

Singles rejoice, Republicans recoil! Researchers at Merck and GlaxoSmithKline have developed a vaccine that is nearly 100% effective against two strains of HPV (human papillomavirus, the virus that causes genital warts, and eventually cervical cancer in women). It may be available as soon as next year, and there is a battle currently raging over whether to make it a mandatory vaccine for preadolescent children. Conservatives say it will encourage them to have sex, which is a far more important concern than providing them with a lifetime of protection against a potentially deadly disease, because really the disease is a punishment for things we shouldn’t be doing, right? That is why there are no Christians with herpes. (via Beaverhausen)

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3 Comments on "HPV vaccine to be available next year"

  1. By all means, put it into law, make it mandatory, I’m sure that the goverment and Merck should manage the health of my children, I wonder if they could make it mandatory to nuter ignorant people like you, that would prevent people that are to ignorant to make their own health choices from procreating more ignorant people that are dependent on the Goverment for all their health care. I am a Christian conserative and my Children are well informed and if they want the vaccine I would not forbid it, however I refuse to force it on a child that is not ready to become sexually active. I do not think it would encourage children to become sexually active, I think that is the Job of the secular society (LIBERALS).
    You just go ahead and hail the drug companys as your god, as for me and mine we will serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Hpv is not punishment from the Lord for having premarital sex, it is just one of many problems the Good Lord tries to prevent us from suffering.

  2. Thanks for the correction!

  3. HPV is not connected to Herpes. Herpes is HSV…having HPV in no way gives you herpes, it’s genital warts (completely different)…recheck the article you linked and look anywhere on the web. Update your post so you don’t freak people out!

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