!! I am a SUPERFRIEND !!

Anyone who has used Friendster lately has probably noticed that it’s gotten a lot faster and it looks a little different. Something less noticeable is the switch from Javascript to PHP that occurred last week and is responsible for all the other changes. Not only does PHP seem to run more efficiently, it’s also an Open Source technology, meaning that no one owns it. Cool!
In addition to these fundamental changes, Friendster has also been sending me e-mails and calling me a “Superfriend.” They’ve been asking me which smileyface icon looks better, or which letter to old users reads less obnoxiously, things like that. I’m more than happy to oblige because A. I love beta testing and b. I love being called a Superfriend. I would probably tell them which catfood tastes better if they asked me as one of the Superfriend Elite.
Anyway, I’m just happy that Friendster is working again in time for my birthday party on July 16. This summer is all about renewed interest in testimonials.

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