!! I am the coolest ever !!

because I have GMAIL!! You know, the exclusive, invitation-only (Thanks, James) beta test that has been generating all this BUZZ? Well, it’s everything you think it is and more, so envy me; or, if you have GMAIL too, send me a message and we can have a GMAIL CONVERSATION. Awesome.
Working at my new job, I’ve been thinking about all sorts of workplace-related topics, such as Power Dressing. This article is both clever (“Loafers are for ‘loafers’. Do you want to look like a loafer?) and practical (“Make sure that your socks are long enough to almost reach your knee. When you cross your legs and show your masculine leg to the recruiter, it can be a bit distracting.”) and is a MUST for anyone entering the workplace. Thank God I read it so I know to stop wearing so much bling to work every day.

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