!! I confess !!

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That I spent about 30 minutes today listening to the people who called Madonna’s 1-888-2-CONFESS phone hotline. It is supposed to be a forum for “naughty” stories, but there are many mundane ones as well (e.g., “I am a teacher and I had gay sex with the dad of one of my students”). YAWN. My favorites are the business owners who are pissed that Madonna’s people plastered tacky posters all over their property. Have a listen here.
Also, look carefully at the above photos and notice how Madonna is once again ripping off someone better than her. Kylie, you are a true original. (via Arjan)

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  1. Step off- she rippin herself off if anything.. madonna did the confessional thing for her sex book except they were in store confessionals. Kylie is cool and all but not exactly an original.

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