!! I hate you, Marissa !!

for being so irrational. Getting drunk in the bathroom by yourself is entertainment, but repeatedly defending Oliver, the most deplorable addition to any television series since Valerie came to 90210, is inexcusable. Poor Ryan; he knows that Oliver is trouble but no one believes him, not even Seth (as was shown in the preview for next week’s episode). Maybe I was feeling a little spazzy last night when I was watching The OC, but I felt genuinely irritated by it, save the parts where it looked like Seth and Anna might have sex, which they didn’t do because Summer kept getting in between them.
Something needs to change before every character in the show becomes a caricature. Luke has become genuinely weird, Summer has basically gone around the bend as well since Seth chose Anna over her, Sandy was acting like a freak last night (“drunk”), and even Seth was doing this bizarre “I’m an old person in a teenager’s body” shtick that just wasn’t working. What’s going on? Where’s the drama? I feel like I’m watching a less funny version of I Love Lucy.
Personally I think all Marissa needs is a little God in her life, which she can definitely find in Revolve, the new Bible for teen girls that is disguised as a fashion magazine! It tells you all about old school Christian ways of popping your zits and getting boys to call you. Ann Coulter must be so jealous she didn’t have such a resource during her formative years.

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