!! I just got back from the Dean Meetup !!

and guess what? The Dean campaign wants to have a huge rally in TIMES SQUARE on August 26 at 11pm. Wouldn’t that be rad? They’re shooting for 15,000 people, including such celebrities as HARVEY FIERSTEIN and ROBIN WILLIAMS! Those are just two of my personal favorites anyway. The bad news is they might have to have it in Bryant Park instead because the city wants to charge them like hundreds of thousands of dollars or something… bummer. They’re announcing it tomorrow over e-mail to those of us who are on the Dean e-mail list and also on the campaign website.

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  1. terry mooney | August 8, 2003 at 8:46 am | Reply

    Dear Hottie–Hello from your publicist! It was wonderful to meet you yesterday. I look forward to seeing you Monday nite at Dicks with Chicks (?) –Love, Terry

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