!! I just saw the very !!

scary movie “28 Days Later…” and it made me feel really stressed out and exhausted. I wasn’t nervous that some “infected” person would attack me on the way home, but I feel like I just ran a marathon or did some other kind of really strenous, prolonged activity, which is not to say the movie wasn’t absolutely deathly frightening. It was.
Some high points of the movie were

definitely the first-five-minutes nudity (even if he looked pretty bad from the head up, later on in the movie after he shaves, you can then mentally superimpose his cute, normal face on the nude body) and the female lead (throughout), who I thought was Tootie from the Facts of Life until I realized she was British just like the rest of the cast. Those things were good as well as the fact that every moment of the movie is completely terrifying, even though I think I was way more scared than the four-year-old sitting behind me. He made some quiet, astute comments every now and then, but the high-pitched whimpering was definitely coming from my row of seats.
That brings me to the obvious question, who brings their four-year-old to see the scary monsters throwing up blood/kidnapping women for sex (procreation)/hacking people up with machetes movie? I guess they just really wanted to see it and couldn’t find a babysitter… Anyway, the horror of the situation was amplified about ten times by sitting in front of those people, so I will thank them in this public forum for helping me get my $10 worth.

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