!! I want in on the action !!

bluedisc (29k image)That is, the CLASS-action suit against Sony for its defective Playstation II units (not just some, but all), which lose their ability to read certain types of media anywhere from the 91-day mark to the 2-year mark, both periods conveniently outside the warranty window.
Having played practically nothing but Soul Calibur II for the last year or so because of my tragic lack of videogame time, I didn’t even notice the defect at first. It took my very belated purchase of Contra: Shattered Soldier, one of the most beloved and challenging games for the PSII, to show me the problem. It caused my PSII to shake and make strange noises! I thought it must surely be the crappy, scratched-up disc I bought for $19.99, but when I returned it to the store, I knew I was in trouble when the sales guy shook his head sadly and said, “Oh yeah, it’s a BLUE disc.”
Anyway, long story short, most first generation PSIIs will cease to play these blue discs at some mysterious point. The only solution after your warranty runs out: get a new PSII, which is what I am trying to do, and for free. If you think you might like a brand new 2nd generation, slim PSII (or an Xbox, Gamecube, or Nintendo DS, that new wireless Gameboy), or you just feel like helping me out, click this link. And for those who are wondering, yes I did get my free iPod a few months ago, so this company is 100% for real.

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