!! I was bad. I’m sorry. !!

For those of you who missed my comments on this week’s The OC, I apologize and will take a moment to express my uncertainty about the most recent plot twist, which involves Luke’s dad being outed as gay and this driving Luke into the arms of the other outcasts: Ryan (his former nemesis), Marissa (his ex-girlfriend that almost killed herself in Tijuana after seeing him make out with her friend), and Seth (whom he repeatedly calls “queer.” If only.). It’s a clever way to bring Luke into the spotlight and to make him less of the bad guy, but he’s going to have to prove that he is worth watching and not just some sort-of-attractive former Abercrombie model. As for putting a little big of gay into the plot, it’s not unexpected since The OC was the only show on television not to have something gay, but I guess I was hoping it would be Seth. Working with the material they have, I only wish that there were more scenes of the gossipy ladies at yoga making fag jokes about their friend’s husband, which is tantalizing deceit at its best.
In grown-up news, Julie Cooper convinced Kirsten’s dad to buy her house that she was about to lose so she could keep living in it and their love affair is once again going strong. Sandy discovers that Kirsten shared a short, dry, and emotionless kiss with Jimmy Cooper, her high school sweetheart and Julie’s soon-to-be ex-husband, and has a total freak out for no reason. You get where this is going: somewhere boring, so let’s talk about

Next week he chooses between Summer and Anna once and for all! Since Summer is in the permanent credits, it seems obvious that he chooses her and Anna either kills herself or moves back to Pittsburgh or goes and becomes a Hare Krishna where she can talk weird all she wants because she is surrounded by other freaks. I just hope that maybe Seth will do a shower scene one of these days. Until then I will keep watching because A. I am obsessed with Seth Cohen, but much more importantly because B. If I run into Adam Brody on the street, I want to have every detail from every episode at my disposal to make a fantastic first impression with enough wit, charm, and insight that he will have to, at the very least, smile condescendingly and shake my hand.

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