!! I was thoroughly dazzled !!

dazzle (55k image)
on Saturday night by one of New York City’s most talked-about queer performing ensembles. It was my friend’s birthday, and he was ending his very special day at the Slide, where he told me “a show” was happening. I accompanied him inside and upstairs to Marquee, where on the stage I saw a strung out, mostly naked guy trying to keep the crowd under control while the performers put on their “costumes” (shreds of trash bags tenuously tied around their bits and pieces. The female performers did not cover their nipples).
After glimpsing a couple flashes of hairy balls in this “preshow,” I was worried that the performance itself would have nothing fresh to offer. I was mostly correct, except during their very brief dance routine to Animotion’s “Obsession,” I did feel that the dancers were offering me their crabs and other parasites as they jadedly swung their flaccid cocks around several feet from my face. It was quite Dazzling. Did I mention they had glitter on their cocks?
No, really. It was the worst thing I have ever seen, even worse than watching Jenna Morasca eat worms.

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  1. That looks utterly horrifying. It’s almost as bad as hearing/seeing YONI. I really think you should go to one of his shows and cover it on your blog! It would be hysterical for us, but probably be permanently scarring for you

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