!! I went away for a few days !!

and look what happened:
1. Sandra Day O’Connor resigned from the Supreme Court, giving Bush a chance to put another Scalia on the bench. If William Rehnquist retires, as Robert Novak claimed yesterday that he would according to “court sources,” then there might be two more Scalias, facilitating our full transition to police state.
2. Terrorists blew up London yesterday, killing at least 50 people.
3. The premiere of the Fantastic Four was soaked through and through, and all they had to eat was ice cream. (via The Fix)
4. SEIU President Andrew Stern decided that Labor cannot “just elect Democratic politicians” to help their cause, meaning he has at last realized the Republican Party’s sincere appreciation for the working class.
In case you were wondering where I’ve been all week, I was spending the July 4 holiday in beautiful NYC, where the fireworks were very impressive. They shot up those smiley face fireworks they did last year and also new ones that were yellow cubes. At last pyrotechnics has mastered the third dimension.
Now back in Canada, I will be blogging daily again, and trying to soothe my depression over recent events by looking at this website.

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6 Comments on "I went away for a few days"

  1. Awww shit, man…
    You shouldn’t be going away, you know. Look, what all disasters happened 😉
    Now, stay put while I first glue you to the chair and then tie you up tight and nice 😉
    Anyway, nice blog.
    Looks like I’d have to be a regular now.
    Keep it up!
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    See ya.

  2. How’s my favorite country bumpkin? Haha, jk.

  3. Ugh another wannabe actress… She and all the "nannies" and "grad students" from Survivor last season should have their own show on the SPICE channel.

  4. I wonder if her secret is that she is
    How can you not watch?

  5. Hmm, having not watched the show (and not planning to), my favorite is definitely Janelle. I think all of her favorites really define her identity: a CLASSY BLONDE WITH AN EDGE. Champagne, Casablanca, football, Gwen Stefani, her job (VIP COCKTAIL WAITRESS), and her humongous lips all make her the most interesting person in the house.

  6. You also missed the debut of Big Brother 6! It’s the SUMMER OF SECRETS!!!

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