!! I would be outraged !!

that Seth retained his virginity through tonight’s episode of The OC despite promises of the contrary in the pre-hiatus “next episode preview,” but in fact I am delighted for three reasons:
1. I am thankful to have been able to watch The OC even though I am in Idaho with my grandparents.
2. Though Oliver didn’t kill himself, he is almost certainly off the show.
3. Luke almost made out with Marissa’s mom!!!!!
And in next week’s very special Valentine’s Day episode, Luke and Julie Cooper will actually GET IT ON, Seth HAS SEX with Summer, and Ryan and Marissa take part in SICKENING ROMANCE! What could be better?

In the spirit of good entertainment, here is a special present to you all the way from potato country:
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2 Comments on "I would be outraged"

  1. I actually don’t own a snowsuit, but don’t worry your pretty little head. Exciting action shots are coming.

  2. forget the starch,i want pictures of you in your snow suit!

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