!! I would like to offer !!

a great, big “boo-yah” to Mayor Bloomberg this beautiful Wednesday morning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen $2 million wasted in a more satisfying way than when he poured it into all those shameless flyers and telephone calls promoting the nonpartisan election initiative on yesterday’s ballot. It was voted down by 70% of New Yorkers. Once again, a respectful “boo-yah.”
A landmark victory happened in Brooklyn, where Letitia James, a candidate that was running only in the Working Families column, beat the Democrat, Geoffrey Davis, who is the brother of recently murdered incumbent Councilman James Davis. The fact that her opponent sold pot and bought whores may have pushed her over the edge to win, but it doesn’t make a third party victory any less gratifying.
View the rest of the election results here.
In other news, there is going to be a new reality television show where the goal is to win $100,000 AND a contract with a major porn studio. The bad part is that it will be Pay-per-View, but the good news is that it will be very naughty and exciting. Watch here for details as they come.

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