!! I’m glowing like a television set !!

Can I just say how intensely satisfying it was to see Colby’s cocky (but sexy) ass get voted off of Survivor last night? It seemed like Jerry’s goose was cooked and then she was saved by Lex, who decided to pull a wacky trick just for the sake of pulling a wacky trick, and they turned things around on Colby. I think the most interesting thing about Jerry is that she has advanced this far when she really has nothing to offer the tribe at all, despite her insistence that her sunny personality boosts morale. She’s sort of hot (in the same way as Elaine from Seinfeld, Gail pointed out), but really lazy, disagreeable, weak, and also not very smart, or she would have realized that she was about to be voted off. Maybe she just has amazing powers of denial.

Despite all this, I continue to root for her, though not as much as I do for Shii-Ann and Kathy. I hope Kathy wins it all because

she’s just so awesome. Maybe I just feel a kindred spirit in her, both of us being from Vermont, but I think she is definitely the smartest, the most down-to-earth, and the most worthy of the $1 million prize of all the Survivors. The person I least want to win is Rupert, because I want to see how he’ll follow up his “Everyone’s always hated me because I’m fat. So much for my dreams.” concession speech during Survivor: Pearl Islands. Plus that whole digging a hole in the beach to make a shelter was just pure retardation. Even Jerry knew better.

For the last two weeks I’ve watched Mad, Mad House, the new reality show on the Sci-Fi channel. I love watching it and and I believe that it has more potential to make a difference in the lives of its contestants than any reality show to date (yes, even more than Starting Over and Who Wants To Marry My Dad). Both the watchability and that great potential stem from the personalities of the five “alts:” Don the Vampire, Fiona the Witch, Art the Modern Primitive, Ta’Shia the Voodoo Priestess, and Avocado (yes, that’s his name) the Naturist. Each one of them is so genuine, so intelligent and likeable, that I think this show could be to 2004 what Paradise Hotel was to 2003: not only a sleeper hit, but genius in the guise of low-budget TV diarrhea. We’ll watch and see, every Thursday at 9pm.

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