!! I’m so grown up, all I need is facial hair !!

I got a new job, I just wanted all of you to know. My life as a temp is over, so you won’t have to read my (very) occasional rants about how I don’t have my own desk, how managers are always trying to inconspicuously watch me read Savage Love, and how corporate assholes all wear the same shirt. No more, because I’m entering Academia, willingly this time, and I have my own office.
Today I read one of those articles about a new potential HIV miracle treatment. Apparently it’s a bacteria living in everyone’s mouth and it has the potential of blocking HIV transmission 99% of the time. It hasn’t been tested on animals or humans yet, so who knows, but I like reading these articles because they remind me that there is still AIDS research going on. Plus I like getting my hopes up, even if they eventually fade or float away like a balloon.

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