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Now that Tom Cruise is out and proud (about his Scientology!), he is giving others the strength they need to pick up that pen and write some well-considered rebuttals to the poisonous libel that is swirling around in the media:
I actually can’t get enough of the new Tom Cruise and love watching him come alive for the rest of us instead of living a sheltered life that none of us get to see…I would bet money that his attack of psychiatry and its multibillion-dollar industry is what is stirring all of this up…Maybe Tom just decided that saving humanity from this fraud was worth any amount of stone throwing. There have been a few throughout history who have had to stand up to the wrongheaded mobs of their day and try and put things right. Go, Tom, go!
Scientology recognizes the plight of man on this planet, and [Scientology founder, L.] Ron [Hubbard] sought to provide simple and workable answers to help man out of his spiral into the mud by providing a means to solve his basic problems…He gave a means to help criminals stop being criminals and most of all a technology of clearing one’s self of upsets, misemotion and problems that have always plagued man through the auditing processes.
Is he talking about taxes? These letters were written in response to Salon.com’s “Summer of Scientology” series, which is giving us the “why” for what we know already: Scientology is full of crazies. Granted, it’s easy to make fun of people (especially Scientologists) who write crank letters, so I will let the correspondents speak for themselves.

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  1. Scientology - everything you need to know | July 22, 2005 at 11:39 pm | Reply

    ALL the secrets of the world’s creepiest cult, check out:

  2. Tom Cruise really pisses me off. He has absolutely no idea what he is talking about when he speaks of issues of mental health. I would be more than happy to apprise him of the issues unique to those of us who have had to deal with the "mental issues" of our family members.
    My family has a history of schizophrenia (psychosis). I have an aunt who got it in her head that my mother (who lives over 100 miles away) was having an affair with her boyfriend. She was threatening my mother (her loving sister) and everything.
    This aunt is fine on medication, but she happens to be an RN and thinks she can "tweak" her medication regime. When she does those delusions come back and she is a danger to her family and anyone she comes in contact with. Once, the family got an emergency commission order (mental hospital), and when they went to pick her up, she answered the door with a shot gun and wearing one of those jackets you can store bullets in.
    Her children are afraid of her and don’t want her to know where they live. There was some question whether or not she "helped her husband die". He wasa found dead at home and cremated so fast it would make your head spin.
    The really sad thing is my aunt was so great when I was growing up and before the disease hit in her early 30s.She could no longer work as a nurse, so she got a job being a greeter at Walmart. She scared the customers though and they had to let her go.
    Tom says he has "read all the studies", but I guarantee you that is a lie. I am a nurse, and have read everything I can on mental illness. Without psychotropic drugs, there would be a lot more violence in this world. If he ever gets an opportunity, he should spend some time in a mental hospital and look at people before pharmacological intervention and after. I am not saying medication is the only way to go, but for a certain segment it is the only way to go. I agree that depression medications are much too over perscribed, but you can’t lump all mental issues into one category. Psychosis can not be treated with therapy alone.
    When Tom was talking to Matt Lauer, he talked about depression and psychosis as if they are interchangeable–this truly shows his lack of knowledge. Depression is not a psychosis. A psychosis is a "break with reality"–seeing, or hearing things that aren’t there or believing things that have not occurred. He needs to educate himself.

  3. Gawd, he really just needs to give it a ressssssst. We get it TCru, you have been healed, now go pretend to sex KHo and get off my damn TV.

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