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Resulting from two apparently unrelated incidents, Chris Crain, owner of gay newspaper chain Windows Media, and Katie Holmes, Actress and as-yet-unpenetrated girlfriend of Tom Cruise both have some nasty shit on their faces.
Crain was beaten up in Amsterdam, of all places, while walking around with his boyfriend “early Saturday morning.” I interpret that to mean at 4 AM on their way home from the Cockring. The incident reminds me of a story I read last year about the murder of controversial movie director Theo Van Gogh. Not to say that the men with “Moroccan features” who beat up Chris Crain were religiously-motivated, but it’s interesting to see how the culture war can be fed not only by the right-wing extremists in our government, but by the left-leaning Dutch as well.
A far more serious matter, however, is what the hell are those scabs all around Katie Holmes’ mouth? The Daily Mail generously assumes that it is “stubble-rash,” but I am led to wonder if Katie could have caught something nasty from her efforts to remain a technical virgin.

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  1. "Stubble Rash", thats a good one. I have to admit, if i had a blazing case of herpes i would NOT have thought to call it stubble rash. Good for you Katie.
    ps – dump the midget

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