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Today is the release date of the controversial new young adult novel Rainbow Party by Paul Ruditis [purchase link]. It’s a book for fourteen-year-olds about a party where all the girls wear different color lipsticks and go down on all the guys, leaving their wieners colorful like the rainbow (or, as you color theorists might argue, more likely brown like poop). Reviews have been lukewarm, citing “flimsy characterization,” which I am inclined to agree with after reading the first few pages on Amazon. It seems to be more about “the issues” than the story, but I think it’s a good thing when any book confronts teenage girls with the fact that they are all actually engaging in oral sex despite so many prudish fa硤es. The author drives home this point in the very first paragraph:
Gin took the slender shaft of the tube in her palm. She gave a gentle tug along the base and

watched as the lipstick extended to its full length. Her eyes darted to the sides, making sure no one was watching as she tilted the ruby red tip to her lips.
Of course this book has ignited the obligatory “firestorm” of the stupidest criticism that always seems to erupt whenever the word “blowjob” gets thrown around. It’s a wonder the whole Internet hasn’t burned down from all the firestorms erupting everywhere.
NOTE: Please don’t confuse this new piece of teenage smut with the Greek political party of the same name.

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  1. It just sounds stupid. But that’s just me.

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