!! Is it 360 degrees in here? !!

andersoncooper (13k image)
I’m normally content to see Anderson Cooper from the shoulders up, wearing a suit jacket, but for those of you who are more daring, I’ve collected a few Anderson Cooper porn sites for your enjoyment. Knowing that you, like me, would most likely faint if you saw Anderson wearing anything less than a button-down with the sleeves rolled up, the photos include some of his more attractive publicity shots and also a short glimpse into a Day In His Life.
As a side note, I personally can’t believe that he had such a weak showing in Playgirl’s “Sexy Newscasters” poll last year, especially since he is far less fat and old than Keith Olbermann, the MSNBC reporter who won in a landslide. Maybe he needs to shave his pubes into some weird shape that ladies will appreciate. There is always this fall…
And for any naysayers, I have proof of his hotness beneath the uniform: multiple witnesses who peed (repeatedly!) next to Anderson (sans chemise!) at Twilo back in the 90s. The verdict: he is one cut silver fox.
UPDATE: He is one almost-out-of-the-closet silver fox!

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4 Comments on "Is it 360 degrees in here?"

  1. Keith Olbermann Sticks It To Bill O’Reilly

    We never get tired of seeing Bill O’Reilly get put in his place, though there will never be anything as funny as the revelation that the conservative TV host likes to stick a vibrator in his butt while masturbating….

  2. I was just talking about him with a fellow journalism student. Who was telling me about an article that talked about how he kept declining to comment in interviews about his sexuality but will talk in too much detail about his moms, lol.
    That is a hot photo of him!

  3. I really liked 360 – it was smart and sexy tabloid – but the Fox News influence has dumbed it down quite a bit. Sad sad. Still, Anderson has suits to die for.

  4. Damn! now I know a lot more people has a crush on him, not just me. And no I can’t tell my name.

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