!! Is it gay to cover yourself with penises? !!

On my way to work this morning, I saw a husky, middle-aged man sitting across from me on the subway reading Newsday. As I glanced at the headline about the couple that was electrocuted yesterday afternoon, I noticed he had on a t-shirt with a bunch of cartoon penises on it, like the ones in this photo.
dickshirt (19k image)
They bore such captions as “It ain’t easy being a dick,” “I have to hang around two nuts all the time,” and “And every time I get excited- I throw up!”
Isn’t it weird to wear a t-shirt with genitalia all over it, even if they are cartoons and the shirt also says Atlantic City? I guess it falls in the realm of Dad Humor, but I was startled.
If you want to buy one of these shirts, you can do it here.

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5 Comments on "Is it gay to cover yourself with penises?"

  1. I like em, infact, I do a comic strip, and the lead rapper of Digital Underground does a strip dedicated to brown eye

  2. ew sick.

  3. But these penises have little arms and legs and are so distraught. Doesn’t that count for anything?

  4. It is definitely wrong. Penises are fine and good but drawings of penises are ALWAYS really gross. I can’t think of anything I hate more than drawings of penises, actually.

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