!! Is this what fraud looks like? !!

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Recently divorced annulled country star Kenny Chesney is hurting, but not too badly, following his breakup with short-term wife Renee Zellweger. Citing “fraud” as the reason for the annullment, it appears that poor Renee was actually bamboozled and not a party to what could possibly be an elaborate gay charade by Mr. Chesney. This Boston Herald article ponders the question of whether America is ready for an out and proud Kenny Chesney (or any other country star). Maybe the new yet-to-be-sold TV show American Pride could have the final word if any network ever picks it up.

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  1. Actually, the fraud reported was that Kenny allegedly led Renee to believe that they would have kids after they wed. After the I Dos, he reportedly told his new spouse that she wanted to wait before infanticipating. She, it appears, did not want to wait and believes that she was had. Love stinks, yeah, yeah. Of course, is merely what has been reported. It is certainly possible that the truth is different from what’s being reported…

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