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The world almost seems to be returning to normal now that everyone seems to be over the initial shock of Election 2004; everyone except for Vincent D’Onofrio, star of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, who was only recently released from the hospital following his most recent politics-induced fainting spell (sorry for the annoying commentary in that link, it was the only place I could find the entire Page Six entry). Maybe he was having visions of the ozone layer depleting, or nuclear stockpiles accumulating overseas, or the wildlife refuge in Alaska being covered in black gold. Perhaps he is a visionary, in the sense that he is having visions.
Personally, I have found it pretty easy to slip back into my lifestyle of mundane worries and joys since I cannot see the ozone layer, nuclear stockpiles, or Alaska, and thank goodness for that! I’m sort of kidding. It’s true that my civil liberties have not been snatched away overnight, but I still manage to keep myself a little uneasy by thinking of this week’s This Modern World and looking at this old picture of me, which was taken after I had climbed up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty, something you can’t do anymore because a terrorist might blow up her head. I hear they are going to close all the public libraries soon too, because they are tall buildings with stairs, just like Lady Liberty. Americans don’t need books anyway; they only fill our heads with garbage and revolutionary ideas.
Seeing what’s beyond our field of vision can be a scary prospect, but can also be fun, especially when your new set of eyes are perched atop the head of a buffalo, a frog, or even a rolling tumbleweed. Check out this site and escape for a few hours at work to the wild prairie, swamp, farm, forest or desert.

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  1. this boy is cute!!!

  2. God bless, friend. Have a joyful, wonderful Christmas.

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