!! It’s better when it’s a covenant !!

Covenant marriage that is, and if you missed out on the big celebration yesterday (which, coincidentally, was the most romantic day of the year) then you should just hope they put up a webcast, because who knows when Governor and Mrs. Huckabee of Arkansas will throw another such gala. The gala I speak of is, of course, yesterday’s Celebration of Marriage, a “fun-filled, romantic evening” that will “encourage and equip you as a couple to go the distance.” It featured advice from “top marriage experts” and the emotional singing of CeCe Winans.
And for what? To “take a stand for marriage in Arkansas,” of course! The state with the third highest divorce rate in the country has had enough, and the governor is now encouraging everyone in the state to enter a “covenant marriage,” which is a new type of union that prevents the two parties from getting divorced no matter what! This is an idea great enough to be worthy of a Celebration, so if you missed it yesterday, make plans for next year.
In other, non-wedding-related news: The Village Voice has come out with its Fashion Week wrap-up, which is worth a read.

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  1. When I get married I’m going to see if we can be chained together and locked in some sort of small room or cabinet. That’s just the kind of commitment I’m looking for.

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