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Howard Dean has left the Presidential race after taking a distant third in Wisconsin. While phonebanking last night, it felt kind of futile since most people voted earlier in the day and those that hadn’t already voted were mean to me. It’s kind of funny how this thing that we’ve built over the last few months and these relationships I’ve made with people are officially over. Of course I may stay in contact with people I worked with on the campaign, but our time as a collective entity was fleeting.
Dean said today that he’s going to “continue advancing his goals for the Democratic Party,” which I really couldn’t care less about. What’s so depressing about the death of his Presidential bid is that Dean doesn’t really stand for anything. He’s flip-flopped on just about every issue (except gay marriage; he’s solidly against it. Shame on him), he’s not a great public speaker, and his ideas aren’t really very innovative. The campaign was the magical thing, the force that had the potential to change American politics, and if I were going to blame anyone for screwing it up, I would blame Dean himself, but I’m not going to blame him. He’s an amateur politician who started this thing that sort of exploded and he went along for the ride, doing his best to see it through, which he unfortunately wasn’t able to do. So I’m going to take my newly acquired petitioning experience, the couple of friends I made and wait until March 2 when I’ll cast my vote for Howard Dean and try not to feel so disillusioned that I can’t campaign for the eventual nominee.
While I find the end of the Dean campaign troubling, I’m certainly not as troubled as President Bush is about what’s happening San Francisco right now. Wait, how is he feeling? How did the original Massachusetts ruling make him feel? TROUBLED. I hope it’s not giving him hemorrhoids.

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  1. He’s an amateur in national politics, having only held state office, unlike all his opponents. The Vermont gubernatorial race isn’t quite as heated as this Democratic one has been.
    Howard did want me to tell you how much he appreciates you coming to his defense, though. It was sweet of you.

  2. i am sorry for your political loss, but can i just make one small point: i would not call dean an amateur politician. he was a state governor for 12 years (’91-’03), not some staten island borough president. let’s give the man a little credit please.

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