!! Jeff Probst’s atlatl !!

jeffprobst-cen (27k image)On tonight’s episode of Survivor: Guatemala, the members of the newly formed Xhakum tribe competed for food. They each launched an arrow from an atlatl towards a big pole, and whoever came the closest got to eat steak and lobster (and get wasted on vodka and cranberry juice and then puke all over the shelter, as it turned out. Way to go, Judd). The next closest person got to eat chicken, and the next person got spaghetti, and the next person got a hamburger, then a piece of pizza, then a baked potato, etc. Jamie came in fourth, but after his rude outburst from last week, he decided to take last place so everyone else could move up one. Little did he know what he would have to eat: photos after the jump [NSFW]!
Perhaps we can use these as a clue to the ultimate mystery of “what does an attractive 23-year-old woman see in Jeff Probst?”

His penis is almost as long as his tenure as host of Survivor

When Julie met Jeff, it wasn’t his hand that she shook.
(Nude photos of Jeff Probst via WOW Report)

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13 Comments on "Jeff Probst’s atlatl"

  1. Gawd. And to think I was loving him just for his dimples. How short-sighted of me!

  2. OMG!!! I knew he had to be hung!!!!!!! He could wreck my hole anytime!!!!

  3. I profoundly envy the woman who gets to snuggle with THAT at night.

  4. It is not photoshopped bitches

  5. lovely and nice. I am in love with that and would not hestitate to greet him with open-heart. For an older man- he is outstanding–in more ways than one. Nice- and yes it is quite definitely real pic. I am luvving it. p-st.louis

  6. I’m pretty sure it is Jeff. He does wear that bracelet, AND the clothes, along with the clothes rack, matches the same set-up as the one he uses on Survivor locations.

  7. This is clearly Jeff. Many of you say it is photoshopped but look carefully. No one would be good enough at photoshopping to put a head on a body without mistakes. The body tone matches the head and neck and the body is correctly proprtioned. Also Jeff is wearing a wristband which he always wears on survivor. It is the real Jeff. No photoshop.

  8. Can you say Photoshop?
    Those pics are SO fake. The head is too big for the body.

  9. clearly photoshopped

  10. one word…EWW!!

  11. I dont believe that is really Jeff, because if you look in the background, that is not a house of a celeb.!!

  12. OMG, he’s naked: Ozzy Lusth

    I haven’t really watched Survivor ever since they introduced the “Exile Island” aspect of the show, which I find tedious and confusing, but I did see a couple episodes of the current season, Survivor: Cook Islands, and arrogant jack-ass Ozzy Lusth is …

  13. If that worthless pucke Jed makes it to the top two sombody needs to pull thier heads out of thier a**. This is the most undeserving pice of sh** in survivor history. He is a baby hughey, and he is as soft as a crispy cream. I would love to have five minutes on that island with him so I could home school him like the punk bitch that he is.

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