!! Jessica Rabbit !!

has just launched her new website (designed by me) and is ready to give insight and guidance to anyone on the Internet who wants to call for one of her fantastic tarot readings or other services. You can have a reading in person if you live in the Bay Area, but I can speak from experience that her phone readings are completely awesome and $10 for an hour conversation with her is a much better investment than paying a therapist for the same amount of time. If you like the website and want one of your own, send me a message.
ALSO: Don’t forget to watch The OC tonight at 9pm EST on Fox!

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  1. Frank – you are awesome! I LOVE my site, and I think you must be psychic, too, because you designed exactly what I would have if I had your web-Adonis-like skills. Thank you for being such a beautiful person, such a talented artist, and such a great friend. Mwah!

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