!! Jetsetting !!

suits me just fine, except I don’t have time to do my laundry, and then when I do, I have to leave certain damp items on my bed because I only had enough coins for thirty minutes of dryer time. Fortunately I only needed a few sweaters to brave the Canadian cold this weekend and they served me well. I’ve taken two trips on planes in the last two weeks, and I have yet to come back with a suntan anywhere except the tip of my poor, red nose. My coworker is in Guatemala right now and I think he has the right idea. Too bad I don’t get paid for my vacations or I would mix in a little tropical with my frozen fun.
I went to an opulent celebration for the series final of Sex and the City last night at a friend’s house. I actually went directly from the airport, being the tireless traveler that I am, only to find myself underdressed among a sea of TV fans in elaborate eveningwear. It did not diminish my enjoyment of the refreshments (pitchers of Cosmos, champagne cocktails, chocolate, apples and pears from Dean and Deluca, five different types of expensive cheese with little signs identifying them, chocolate chip cheesecake, olives, tasty meats, and other things I’m leaving out) or the final episode, which made me cry despite the fact that I had only seen the show twice before in my life. You might chalk up my reaction to fagginess, but last night I was feeling a little emotional to begin with. Traveling takes its toll sometimes.

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  1. travelling sure does take one’s toll. the last time i flew somewhere I caught the Nasty Plane Disease, which, I’ve observed, lasts just about long enough to completely ruin one’s trip, no matter how many sleeps are involved. picture me shacked up under a parisian garret, nose dripping in tandem with the leaky faucet – which of course had a different beat than my travelling alarm clock – being kept awake by the materialization in my mind of these overlapping rythms, every 27 seconds – or is it 26? – their beats joining as one.
    underdressed? surely a returning crown prince need not worry about vestimentary propriety.

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