!! John Ashcroft in NYC this Tuesday !!

Let’s be there to meet him with our middle fingers!
(from MoveOn.org)
WHAT: Demonstration to demand the protection of our basic civil
liberties, and counter Attorney General John Ashcroft, speaking in the
latest installment of his stealth Patriot Act road show.
WHEN: Tuesday, September 9 at 12 noon (I’m going on my lunch break. You can too.)
WHERE: Federal Hall, 26 Wall Street at Broad Street (next to NYSE)
2/3 or 4/5 to Wall Street or J/Z to Broad Street
WHO: New York ACLU, New York City Bill of Rights
Defense Campaign
, United for Peace and Justice, and 60 other civil liberties organizations.
Contact Udi Ofer at (212) 344-3005 x242.

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