!! Just in time for Valentine’s Day !!

roulette (18k image)
I just read a Bad Ass Review of this romantic and fun game, and now I want one of my very own. Feel free to buy me one, or buy me anything else for that matter, if you’re feeling generous. I imagine it feels something like touching the hotwire fence that keeps horses from escaping: a distinctly unpleasant feeling, though not a fatal one, despite what the tiniest Amazing Race contestant would have you believe.
How do you expect to find love on Valentine’s Day without a little pain? Isn’t it a small sacrifice to make for something so precious and elusive? Now that I have your mind working on that complicated thing called love, let me direct you to the musings of two skinny teenage girls on how fat people fall in love. If you’re not moved by their insights, maybe you should just go play Shock Roulette with yourself or watch porn.

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