!! Just like the real thing! !!

agedbreast (51k image)
With fat suits quickly becoming passe, thanks to the obesity epidemic and Gwyneth Paltrow, thrill-seekers are forced to seek other outlets for their desire to simulate the real life experiences of others. First, from Japan, there is “Bust Pudding“, the new candy treat that allows you the pleasure of devouring two creamy white boobs until there is nothing left, an experience thus far reserved only for cannibals and serial killers. Japan also brings us the new “Suit for Experiencing Being Aged,” which is an outfit that straps you into a hunchback position, glasses that make you see blurry, and earplugs, etc. In version 2.0 there will be additional features such as a microchip that forces you to complain about your ailments and a strap that is constantly pressing on your bladder. (From Japundit)

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