!! Kathy, you deserved better !!

than being picked off by the Alliance of the Dull last night. You tried your hardest and it just wasn’t enough, and I blame Lex for being a retard two weeks ago when he voted off Jerry instead of Amber. Anyway, you were my favorite and I am so sad to see you go. I think Shii-Ann will be leaving soon as well, and then I will have to try hard not to lose interest because I basically hate every other person in the game. I guess I’ll root for Jenna, since she’s a young single mother of two, but I find her personality profoundly sucky. Sigh. At least Gail and I were drunk on delicious homemade sangria so we didn’t take Kathy’s departure so hard. We also got to watch Mad, Mad House and half of the Apprentice season finale to lift our spirits after what was the most depressing episode of Survivor since Rob C. was voted off in like the third episode.
I was happy to see that Heidi and Omorosa, my two favorite Apprentice contenders came back for small periods in the spotlight in the season finale, but I was ultimately bored by the choice between Bill and Kwame. I got no satisfaction from seeing Bill drive away in his new Chrysler convertible, and I looked forward to having Jon Stewart in all his funniness and hotness make me laugh on The Daily Show. My friend Nicole always said she would drop everything if Jon Stewart asked her to marry him. It still seems reasonable to me, even after all these years.

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  1. I loved Rob C.! I’m still rooting for Shiann and Rupert, not because they’re the best, but because they’re the only ones left.

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