!! Katie Holmes has converted again! !!

katiemuslim (72k image)
This time she has chosen Islam, and she is already the poster child for the religion, as shown on this beautiful illustrated Iranian postcard. Boyfriend/Insane Scientologist Tom Cruise, of course, is disappointed with her decision to dump Scientology, but is “supportive of whatever she feels is right, because she is such an amazing woman.”
Other starlets featured in Muslim attire include Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman, and some model who looks a lot like Liv Tyler.

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2 Comments on "Katie Holmes has converted again!"

  1. it’s laetitia casta, silly.

  2. Frank, you are correct. Not just the other day was I assaulted by two thug seals. I was minding my own business, chewing on my walrus tusk, and out of nowhere, these two masked seals kicked in the ice on my igloo and beat me up. I will call my governer today. Thanks for the concern in your comment.

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