!! Learn to be a Starr! !!

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Dance expert Bob Starr can teach you all the right moves to melt even the hardest of hearts on the dance floor. With over 250 instructional movies on his website, Mr. Starr teaches moves as simple as “Backstrokes” all the way up to the more complicated “Behind the Back Window” (watch out for that jogger!). My personal favorite is the romantic “Lean Dip Kiss Dance,” but I think there should be a bit more tongue.
See Starr and his partner dance in such exotic locations as on top of waterfalls, under the sea, among live-action angels, and even on a lion’s tongue (must be seen to be believed).
BONUS: For those furry fetishists out there. You’ll also enjoy this.
(Thanks to Ari for the tip!)

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  1. I love how even the dancers look so tired and bored they wish they were dead. And the guy either better start dancing faster or get his ass on a treadmill.

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