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So I just received an angry email from “socialite/model” Cory Bernstein, as he apparently just now saw the post I made about him a few days ago. I guess that means all those fake comments on the post (now deleted, but in the vein of “no Cory really DOES have a huge penis!”) were made by someone else… maybe? Here is the email:
Frank? I just received a call I was on your blog. SInce I have never seen it until now I want to please ask you to REMOVE my picture and caption NOW. I will only ask you once before I send it to my families attorneys. I don’t know you. I have never posted on your site. My agents wouldn’t waste their time as they are busy negotiating deals for myself and others they represent,not troll blogs to make fake posts. I DO appologize if any ‘fans’ were posting on your site about me. I don’t know them and can understand your frustrations but please understand mine too. I don’t know who is posting on there and I have modeled for Gianni Versace as it’s well known, so what you are posting is considered deffamatory and I will have no qualms about having my attorneys send you a cease and desist letter. Please remove my name and picture off your blog immediately-and again sorry for any confusion but i have never visited your site until right now. Thank you and please e-mail me with any questions.
My question to any readers who happen to be legal experts: Do you consider my post “defamatory”? I think it was more speculative, if anything. Who is this character? As for the naked photos, that was certainly his (bad) decision, not mine. Ah well, I hope he at least clicked one of my ads.

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  1. It seems like Mr. Cory needs some lessons in grammar, not to mention gentlemanly behaviour. I would have hoped that in addition to family attornies he would also have been blessed with a tutor.

  2. As I said in my previous post, you’re a jealous asshole, looking to make a name by attacking people who have more than you’ll ever have. Get a life and get off of him and his family.

  3. My problem with Cory Bernstein is that he is a comment spammer (sort of like you), and he’s not even selling online poker or Viagra. He’s selling his sorry self. -F

  4. What is your problem with Cory Bernstein? The entire Bernstein family is well known in Chicago for their good work with the less fortunate. Unfortunately, because of their social status, it makes them easy targets for anonymous assholes like you. Why don’t you get a life and leave him and his family alone.

  5. I think I will pull the post at some point in the future out of pity (it comes up near the top of "Cory Bernstein" Google searches). But I’m still kind of pissed about all the comments. I feel used. -F

  6. just pull the post –

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