!! Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would !!

chadthompson (22k image)I know I’ve come up with some clever titles for my blog posts, but this one actually isn’t mine! All the credit goes to this not-very-cute, no-longer-gay gentleman in black whose book, Loving Homosexuals as Jesus Would, is in some bookstore somewhere and maybe you can buy it. His name is Chad Thompson and all he wants is love from other men, but not the kind that involves their penises!
From “Chad’s Story“: When I first met Lenny at an Italian restaurant in Chicago, he instantly wrapped his arms around me, looked me in the eye, and told me that he loved me. That moment was the beginning of my healing process. Since then, I have been blessed with dozens of friends who have given me the non-sexual love and affirmation that I need in order to change. Because of this, I have experienced extraordinary victory over my homosexual desires.
I first heard about Chad’s exercise in futility (aka his website inqueery.com) from the new Time magazine article about gay teens. It presents Chad’s Inqueery as a new, more insidious alternative to the longrunning ex-gay organizations like Exodus International. Chad gets through to teens because he speaks their language, he’s cool, AND he still wants to f*ck guys, though only like a small percentage of the amount he wanted to f*ck them before finding God (which is like REALLY hardly ever!). Gay teens can relate to that because they want to f*ck guys too! Just not Chad, because he is not cute.

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  1. Sounds like a desperate attempt by some PR agency working for the religious right to approach the "problem" in another way. Ignoring it is the only way to let it die.

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