!! Madonna tries to regain credibility in New York !!

madonnamisshapes (28k image)
In case you didn’t hear it somewhere else, yes, Madonna did indeed make appearances Saturday night at what are arguably New York’s most popular gay club and most popular party for NYU students with expensive hair. In the photo at left, she is rocking out behind the DJ booth with some chubby New Yorker with black frames. Awesome! Maybe they are dancing to ABBA.

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  2. maddy i love you! | November 7, 2005 at 9:32 am | Reply

    Can you guys confirm this rumour about Maddy? What’s up with her British accent?

  3. She has done a lot of good, and still, i think, does. I think she just wanted to have fun. On friday night my friend Chris and I watched some of the videos she made with David Fincher. They were so good.

  4. Amazing.

  5. in all fairness, she got down to it with the poor and nerdy, too. she let the hard working hunter college kids get a sneak preview of her new documentary when she surprised them and commanded the podium as their substitute film professor.

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