!! Making husbands jealous !!

is one of my favorite hobbies, especially when it’s so easy as dancing with their Russian mail order brides. Her name was Georgi, just like the bargain vodka.
mailorderbride (31k image)
While I may only be worth $9.56, this moment was priceless.

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4 Comments on "Making husbands jealous"

  1. My friend Andy just started that party a couple weeks ago. I missed it, but hope to go next time for some serious Fun Fun.
    I don’t know if Misshapes is over or if it never was. Last weekend was my first time there and it felt like high school. -F

  2. is misshapes over? god, I’m so out of touch.
    This looks like fun though. Ever been?

  3. That is in fact me with my friend Ari. I was wearing little cut-off green shorts with my new excellent boots, but you can’t see them.
    That party was a total bust, but they were giving away free Vitamin Water, which is among my favorite things!

  4. Is this you at misshapes? you’re gettin’ around.

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