!! Making the Internet safer for you and me !!

Once again, Eliot Spitzer, lawyer of the people and Attorney General/future Governor of New York State, is taking a stand against suckiness. Intermix Media Inc., owners of Myspace.com (Friendster‘s disheveled cousin), have been secretly installing toolbars on users’ computers, redirecting them to useless advertisements, and for that they are being sued. Spitzer finds such tactics “more than an annoyance,” and for that reason he is taking them to task, following his successful crusades against Wall Street and the insurance industry.
It’s nice to know that some good can persist despite these dark times. At least CBS and NBC didn’t bow completely to the President last night, cutting his speech short to make sure that two very important shows, Survivor and The Apprentice were not delayed for more than one hour. Thank you, CBS and NBC, for understanding that it is “hard work” to wait an entire hour to see Survivor while the President talks about nothing. Now if only they would be so considerate during baseball season.

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  1. I agree there is enough worthless stuff on the net and enough cheating without another way to steal from your computer time. A cleaner net would be a good thing.

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