!! Martha says: Wearing fur is unethical and disgusting !!

marthafur (9k image)But isn’t that a big fur scarf around her neck in this photo taken after her trial last year? Yes, but it’s fake fur, and it’s the only kind she ever wears. Martha has chosen to host a PETA video describing the cruelties of the fur industry, which you can watch here [warning: neck-breaking, skinning alive, and anal electrocution maybe not be SFW]. (via The Fix)
Maybe now those who are still refusing to throw out their animal flesh coats will be swayed, because unlike Pamela Anderson, Martha is always right.
Don’t forget to watch the season premiere of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart tomorrow night at 8pm on NBC!

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2 Comments on "Martha says: Wearing fur is unethical and disgusting"

  1. PETA confronts Beyoncé at Nobu

    I didn’t even know Beyoncé Knowles and her mom had a fashion line, but apparently it uses fur, and PETA is pissed off as usual. This time two activists bought a “fan dinner” with the star on Ebay, and during their evening at Nobu, the two “fans” aske…

  2. Listen to Martha, wearing mangled corpses is not a good thing!

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