!! Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2006 !!

If I were still in New York working at my old job, I would be home from work today, perhaps enjoying a freezing cold day in the park, or maybe watching the Ellen Degeneres show. Martin Luther King Jr. holds no federal importance here in Canada, but I also cannot legally have a job, so the day is essentially the same for me.
But doesn’t everyone love a holiday? And especially one that celebrates such an important figure in our national struggle for civil rights? I can name a few people that especially love MLK Jr. Day this year: Rick Santorum, Jerry Falwell, and other evangelical right-wing idealogues who have been invoking Dr. King’s name in their fight to help Samuel Alito onto the Supreme Court. What a bunch of funny men. Who could possibly take them seriously? It’s not like they were doing it in a black church with the blessing of MLK Jr.’s niece, Alveda King. Or were they? Oh yes they were.
Now that I’ve put you in a bad mood, go listen to the “I Have a Dream House Remix” to pull yourself up and enjoy the rest of your day off.

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