!! May God continue to bless !!

America, excluding the executives at UPN who decided to preempt America’s Next Top Model with the State of the Union Address. Didn’t I see it last year? Do I really need to watch it again? The WB didn’t show it, so why did UPN? All day I was looking forward to watching Tyra and Co. and now I have to go to bed with visions of GWB dancing in my head in place of the soothing visions of Ebony doing her bitchy, post-episode interview. The world has gone awry; the State of the Union is not well when I must be subjected to babytalk in the guise of political speech and it makes me miss quality television.
I guess I should mention that our President publicly expressed support for enshrining anti-gay hatespeech in the US Constitution. I thought

President Clinton had f*cked us over enough already when he signed the Defense of Marriage Act, but I guess that’s not good enough anymore, now that so many states have shamelessly promoted the homosexual agenda by legalizing gay marriage. Oh wait, that was Canada. Nevermind.
I hate to be really angry on my blog, because it seems kind of futile as well boring for my readers, but I’m so ready to do anything I can to prevent this amendment from passing. I don’t really support the institution of marriage at all, and I know that we’re just at a point in history and nationwide tolerance moves slowly, and New York City doesn’t decide the fate of the country, and maybe people just aren’t ready, but I hate being marginalized. I hate having to miss one of my favorite shows to watch some motherf*cker tell me and the rest of the world, to a standing ovation, that he’s going to do everything in his power to deny me fundamental rights. Talk about a downer. He has to go, and I hate to say that I’m losing my faith in the US population every day. It’s something I’ve been working on, trying to give credit to the American people, blaming the media, blaming deceitful policymaking, holding out that people are all capable of making informed decisions if they were to be informed properly. I’m starting to get scared about the election. The draft, healthcare run by drug companies, nuclear war, and all the other horrors that await during a Bush second term that are unmentionable have me honestly terrified. He will be able to do whatever he wants without political consequence, and we all need to remember that as we consider what is most important between now and November.

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