!! Maybe only a noreaster !!

could keep me from seeing Return of the King this evening. It’s not clear to me why a noreaster is worse than a storm that blows from a direction other than the north east, but I’ll bet it has to do with how the northeast is pretty fierce in general, just like me. So I’ve called a hundred million people and so far I have had no luck except one commitment to see it tomorrow evening from dear Kristen. If I do that I will miss out on the joy of opening night, which includes all the fans dressed up in hobbit cloaks speaking in Elf language, and that would be a shame. However, The Simple Life and The OC also beckon, even if my VCR is already set to time record them for later.

Speaking of TSL, I have at least one report that I was not the only one literally screaming with some sort of emotion last night when A. Nicole told the two Arkansan boys that it makes her horny when boys make out with each other and B. Nicole (it’s always Nicole!) invited the boys at the kissing booth to kiss her asscheek. Oh and what about when Paris and Nicole try to start a fight with the ex-girlfriend of their “little brother” Justin, all while dressed up as slutty cowgirls and making out with him? It just gets better and better.

While I’m on the topic of television, I read this article today about how video games are making inroads in the entertainment industry, specifically in the form of TV shows. There are a bunch of new and fascinating programs set to debut in the next year on such channels as MTV, Spike TV, and the Discovery Channel. Read about it here, and hold your breath with me while we wait for Final Fantasy: The Show!

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