!! Mike Tyson kills wife after sex !!

Mike-Tyson-In-Adult-Movies-2 (59k image)
Oh wait, there are two separate stories. Sorry about that. Mike Tyson is in talks to star in a porno with Jenna Jameson, putting his alleged 14-inch thing to work. The reason we know it is 14 inches is because that knowledge came out during his rape trial. Jenna had better start limbering up. (via The Fix)
On a strangely related note, a man in Florida has been sentenced to death for whacking his wife in the head 70 times with a claw hammer [what is it?]. Why did he do it? Because she wanted him to come back to bed and cuddle after they had sex when he just wanted to watch sports. So after shutting that bitch up he went to the sports bar and confessed all to the bartender.
UPDATE: Mike Tyson in fact has a very small penis. I wonder if Jenna knows about this.

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  1. from a white boy that took it doggy and then his favorite family style it is more like 11″ narrow at the tip and base and thick in the middle very!thick.

  2. i’m sick OMG!!! and really, you blog are good 😉

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